Owning a cryptocurrency such as Nano involves owning a key that secures your funds. With Nano the most common method is to generate a master key called a seed, which can be used together with an index number to derive billions of private keys. …

A series of Reddit posts that give a broad random-ish introduction to people who just found out about Nano. Also valuable info for Nano-pros!

Please come back for updates and Enjoy!

  1. Nano travelled around the globe
  2. Intro to Nano video cut by F2Y
  3. Dive into the unique decentralization of Nano
  4. Appreciate the speed of Nano
  5. Learn everything about Nano tipping
  6. Crypto Security
  7. Innovative Nano Projects
  8. The fundamentals of Nano Spam — By Patrick Luberus
  9. The 2020 CryptoFriendly Nano AMA
  10. The Vision of Nano — By Senatus
  11. The Basics of Nano — By Senatus
  12. How Nano Fixes the Decentralization Issue
  13. Nano Foundation Interview June 2021


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Initiated by the dev from My Nano Ninja, welcome to Nault! This project aims to be a new fresh community-driven wallet for Nano with active development and maintenance. It’s a fork of the popular NanoVault but with a twist!

Nault is an entirely client-side signing wallet for sending and receiving…

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