This will guide you through the steps for accessing Banano that is locked by a Ledger Nano S/X, most likely because of a Banano airdrop to Nano holders. One of those took place in Feb 2021.

The Issue

It’s easy to think that the Ledger should translate Banano accounts equal to Nano accounts (except for the account prefix) but it’s not the case. Nano is using bip39 derivation path 44'/165' while Banano is using 44'/198'. That means the accounts you see in BananoVault when connecting the Ledger is not the same as when connecting the Ledger to Nault. …

Unreal Nano Lite is a Nano currency 3D/VR transaction visualizer for mobile and desktop.

The visualizer tracks all live Nano transactions in real-time and spawns them as either physics-simulated marbles or flying light orbs.

The simplified version of the original Unreal Nano nature demo, created in Unreal Engine 4, is now available for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and macOS!

Download links:

How does it work?

Each marble/orb corresponds to one transaction where the size depends on the transacted amount and the colour by type. There are 4 different types supported:

  • Send: Blue
  • Receive: Green
  • Changing representative: Red
  • Special epoch block…

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Welcome a behind the scenes tour of Starting using Unreal Engine 4 from scratch can be daunting at first, but once you learn the basics, it’s an excellent tool for bringing ideas to life! There wasn’t anything I couldn’t pick up quickly from the extensive collection of helpful video tutorials available on Youtube.

The Landscape

I set out to create a beautiful and relaxing setting inspired by Nordic mountains, lakes and forests. The first step was to define the landscape.

I used World Machine Basic, a free application for creating heightmaps that can later be imported to UE4. The resolution is…

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Since NanoWallet has been deprecated we give you the option to easily move your wallet to Nault, or any other wallet found here.

Nault is a community-developed fork from NanoVault with the aim to be faster and more robust with outstanding security. You can find a more detailed announcement here, where we discuss the motivation behind this project and the improvements we have introduced. Nault is both a web wallet and a desktop wallet but regardless of which one you use, it only stores your keys on YOUR device. It never sends them to a remote server or anywhere else…

NanoVault has been forked to Nault with the aim to be faster and more robust without sacrificing security. You can find a more detailed announcement here, where we discuss the motivation behind this project and the improvements we have introduced at launch.

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The Nano community has increasingly encouraged users to migrate away from NanoVault for reasons related to stability, inconsistent Ledger support, and also to help decentralize representative voting weight across the Nano network.

Switching is straightforward since the original seed, mnemonic, backup file, private keys, or Ledger Nano hardware wallet made in NanoVault works perfectly fine (and better) in…

Initiated by the dev from My Nano Ninja, welcome to Nault! This project aims to be a new fresh community-driven wallet for Nano with active development and maintenance. It’s a fork of the popular NanoVault but with a twist!

Nault is an entirely client-side signing wallet for sending and receiving Nano in your browser either from publicly hosted or by cloning the site and run it locally. There is also a fully working desktop build available.

The main difference compared to the original NanoVault is the “server-less” hosting via vercel, seamless integration with any Nano compatible RPC backend/WebSocket, and…

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NOTE: Since this article was written, there is now a much more user-friendly offline-signing method available in the wallet.

A Nano wallet and its accounts are protected with a seed that controls a set of private keys. The level of security for the corresponding funds is determined by how secure the seed or keys are stored. There are many different approaches to storing these critical hexadecimal strings, including; password managers, hardware wallets, or written on paper and stored securely — The security implications of each method are explained in detail in this article.

Offline storage is widely considered one…

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By following this guide, you will be able to make a custom NANO currency address, known as a vanity address, using both the processor and graphics card of your computer. Custom addresses are functionally identical to any other randomly generated address, but consist of one or several custom characters of your choice.

Creating a personalized address involves substantial computational power since it’s we will be generating millions of random keys until we find the address we are desire. There are many tools available, mostly run by a web browser and using CPU, but to find your address quicker, you must…

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