How to access Banano on a Ledger hardware wallet using the Nano App

The Issue

It’s easy to think that the Ledger should translate Banano accounts equal to Nano accounts (except for the account prefix) but it’s not the case. Nano is using bip39 derivation path 44'/165' while Banano is using 44'/198'. That means the accounts you see in BananoVault when connecting the Ledger is not the same as when connecting the Ledger to Nault. Not only the prefix is different, but also the account.

The Solution — BananoNanoNault

So this is why I present this tool I made, which is a fork from Nault. It will allow you to do some magic by connecting the Ledger device and accessing the Banano using the NANO Ledger app, yeah you heard it right, not the Banano app.

  1. Visit or download the desktop app
Connecting the Ledger
Found an empty Nano account at #2
Transfer from main account to “safe account”
Receiving the new banano in the “safe account”
Make the final send from the “safe account”

Extra Features

BananoNanoNault also comes with a sweeper tool (to sweep Banano from any private key, seed or mnemonic) and ultra-secure remote signing (which allow you to sign paper wallets offline for example).

Is this Legit?

If you are paranoid with code changes like I am (which you should be), the source code that was changed after forking Nault can be found from this commit and later.


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